Why do people ignore domestic violence

Why Do You Look The Other Way?

Intimate partner violence is more prevalent among women than diabetes, breast cancer and cervical cancer, so where is the outrage for this epidemic?

Where is the education? Where is the enforcement of existing legislation? And why, when we tell women that they must leave their abusers, and why, when women can be found criminally negligent for remaining in abuse with their children (can you say victim blame any louder?), do family courts force them to maintain a loving relationship with the abusive parent through shared custody?

Why do you scroll past the domestic violence posts? Why look the other way when you know family courts are abusing women and children? Why do you ignore the case of that friend or family member who has experienced intimate partner violence and family court bias?

I’m not asking rhetorical questions. I really want to know why you are indifferent to crimes against women and children? Why do you look the other way? Your answers could make all the difference in how advocacy is approached.

Can you tell me why you don’t want to get involved?