right to bare arms

This Just In: Women have fucking arms.

KTLA, meteorologist, Liberté Chan  was interrupted during her broadcast by morning news anchor Chris Burrous to request that she put a sweater on over her dress. They’d received a lot of emails, he said, and everyone had an opinion about her dress. And this is in California, FYI.


In response, Liberté Chan, posted this video on Facebook:

People felt her “cocktail” dress was inappropriate for a weather report. I can’t stress this enough: IT’S FUCKING 2016. Apparently, America is stuck in its Puritan days, unwilling to accept that women HAVE FUCKING ARMS. Let’s review, you cunt ass prudes:

  • Shaming a woman for her attire is dehumanizing. Slut-shaming makes implications about a woman’s sexuality and worth based on how she chooses to express her sense of style. Women don’t get dressed for you. Slut-shaming projects what you believe a woman is thinking or intending by her attire and stems from a person’s sense of entitlement to a woman’s body, patriarchal beliefs, jealousy, and/or one’s own insecurities. A woman’s body is her business. Not yours.
  • By whose definition do we determine: promiscuity, modesty, and lady-like behavior? And why does this only apply to women?
  • The image women are meant to maintain is an impossible joke. Women are expected to be pure and chaste while at the same time being sexual and available. [What You Should Know Before You Call Her A Slut]

America, you’ve got bigger fucking problems than female anatomy. Women aren’t the aesthetic accouterments of Mother Earth placed on this earth to exist solely as objects meant for the gratification of others. And one more time for you bitches in the back…if you  have an issue with a woman’s attire or her shoulders or her knees or her arms, that’s on you, asshole. And that goes for you prude ass women too. Check your internalized misogyny. Women aren’t your enemies and it’s not a fucking competition. Women’s bodies aren’t inherently evil. We have fucking tits and vaginas, not nefarious magic muffins and black magic boobs because fucking biology, you dicks. Enough of this bullshit sexism.

We’re an embarrassment to the world. It’s past time America left puberty behind and dealt with her sexuality issues already. Fucking, white Christ on a cracker. Yes, I’m aggravated. No one should be talking about this kind of shit anymore. It’s time to grow up and join our European progressive neighbors at the big kid table. We need to start focusing on real issues like bringing back democracy, ending corporate and government corruption, rebuilding infrastructure, education, etc. These are real issues, not Liberté Chan’s fucking arms.