Donald Trump: America’s Scapegoat

I love how everyone is giving Donald Trump the blame for embarrassing America like the GOP hadn’t already cornered that market. I mean, come on:

  • Legitimate rape
  • Rape is kind of like the weather
  • The vagina and stomach are connected
  • People don’t die from cancer and some other things
  • North Korean allies
  • Corporations are people
  • Global Warming is a hoax
  • The Birther Movement

Yeah, Trump’s embarrassing us. All by himself.

I also love how right wing conservative Christian fundamentalists say that America is messed up because prayer was taken out of school. Right. Our nation is fubar because kids in public school don’t pray. Lol! Let’s talk about education in the U.S.:

  • the budget for education has been drastically cut and teachers are underpaid
  • education is now for profit and has been sold to the highest bidder and privatized
  • education has been falsified to cover up genocide and slavery or amended to suppress scientific theories
  • education has been modified to such an extent that students are left unprepared for college

But yeah, children not raising their voices to God during school hours at a public school to thank him for their teacher, the new slide on the playground, pizza on the lunch menu, and the cancelation of the pop quiz is the problem. We need more kids praying in school and fewer kids learning about math, history, and science. We need more kids praying, and then our nation will be running smooth because prayer is the fiber that keeps a country regular. Because why should adults take responsibility for our society’s systemic indoctrination of patriarchal and racist belief systems used for oppression and power? Let’s put the blame on children who are incapable of reason and their religious practices because why should adults be held responsble for the politicians they voted into office, based on those politicians’ use of patriarchal, misogynistic, racist, bigoted rhetoric and their use of religion, which is, in actuality, a tool used to create fear for the purpose of oppression and greed, which enables these politician’s to line their pockets while elevating the bottom line of corporations and making the rich richer? Yeah, clearly prayer in public school is the problem.

If you believe that Trump is embarrassing our nation and you didn’t feel that our country was an embarrassment prior to all this bullshit, then you haven’t been paying attention. Like at all. Ever. Not even a little bit. Trump didn’t bring to light the racism and hatred that his followers feel. We all knew it existed. It wasn’t even a flame that needed to be stoked.  It wasn’t lying under the surface waiting to be exposed. Trump’s not embarrassing us. We already had that well in hand. Trump’s beliefs are in line with the GOP, and no matter how many of them come out to oppose Trump, it doesn’t change the fact that they agree with him (and their voting records will attest to this). The difference with Trump is that he said it loud and proud and in plain speech rather than disguising it in legalese and cleverly embedding it in bill after discriminatory bill. He would rather wear his hate on the outside than conceal it beneath a cloak of Christianity.

America isn’t the way she is because there’s no prayer in our public schools. Our country’s not messed up because the Pledge of Allegiance is not being said in schools. Our country is not in ruin because people want equal rights. Gays aren’t the problem. Feminists aren’t the problem. Reproductive rights didn’t ruin our nation. Available and affordable healthcare isn’t going to ruin our nation. Providing aid to those in need didn’t ruin America. Providing refuge to those fleeing war-torn nations isn’t going to put American lives at risk.

America is the way she is. Period. This is America. The only America that has ever existed and she is judgmental, greedy, corrupt, ignorant, fearful, and full of hate. It’s the way we’ve always been, and prayer hasn’t done anything to change that in 239 years.


We damn well should be.