News and Notes

August 2016

I apologize for my absence. I’ve been busy since my recent move and will be back to posting soon.

July 2016

Been a bit busy with a recent move to Charleston, South Carolina. Boxes. Boxes everywhere.

May 2016.

I’m in the process of moving and consequently am way behind on work. I usually publish fiction works in March. Current WIPs include an authorized biography but I won’t go into detail on this yet. I’m still editing the fairy tale. Bronze City is in proof for print editions and will be available in brick and mortar stores like Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million, and libraries. I’m also writing a YA Dark Fantasy and Azalea City, the second book in the Clay Reynolds series. I normally illustrate in the summer but have put this project on hold until I’m moved and settled and have finished those projects that have been delayed.


April 2016.

Received this image from Lori, from West Virginia. Quite the Morel haul. I’ve been unable to find any Morels in my area. 😦


And thank you to the reader who sent this awesome mushroom pencil sharpener/eraser.


4-1. My father passed away last month. I have postponed publication of my fairy tale for now. The new book will be available within the next few months, I hope. I apologize for the delay. I’ll be in Charleston next week for a much-needed break. All writing and editing will resume upon my return. I’m currently writing the next novel in the Clay Reynolds series and a YA Fantasy. I’m also excited to announce that over the summer, I’ll be working with another artist to illustrate a new children’s series. Thank you, readers and followers, for all your support!

January 2016.

1-16. Finished my first edit today on the fairy tale (I do four edits on my manuscripts).


1-10. Working on my book. Killin’ it. Happy New Year!


December 2015. 

12-14. Rainy day today. A good day for writing. I’m editing my upcoming novel now. Details coming soon. On the novel. Not the weather. :p


People are sending me pictures of mushrooms they find like this Stinkhorn image from Lorie in South Carolina. There’s something about this one … I just can’t hmmm.


Kimberly, also of South Carolina, sent this dissected Stinkhorn and a Stinkhorn egg.

This image is courtesy of Zach, age 8, in Georgia.


I also received these awesome ornaments from Maw. 😀

Thank you, Mushroom Minions! 😀

November 2015. Just a quick note to let everyone know all is well. I’m hard at work on my upcoming novel and have been editing and reading for other writers. My blog posts will be suspended for the next two months. I wish you all a happy holiday season and hope to be back soon. 🙂

October 2015My next novel, a fairy tale, is halfway finished! 😀 Look for this book to be released in March of 2016. I’m also working on the next novel in the Conductor series. I’ll post additional info on these releases soon.

Carved my pumpkin. The door’s a little messed up, but this was fun. The chimney actually smokes! Yeah . . . I got a little into it.

May 2015. My work is currently unavailable at Amazon. I plan to upload an updated version of Bronze City to Amazon soon. I’ve been informed of numerous typos in Bronze City and am appropriately horrified. No matter how many eyes read a manuscript, no matter how many times it’s proofread, errors may still seep through to the final draft. Trad published writers are oftentimes given a pass at typos but indies are held to a higher standard and I certainly understand why. These typos will be corrected and a new version uploaded as soon as possible. I sincerely apologize for these errors. Update:  New  version of Bronze City has been uploaded to Smashwords and will be available to retailers in two weeks (maybe sooner depending on the retailer). A new version has been uploaded to Amazon as well. If you purchased the old version then the new version will be available to you at no cost. (Click here for instructions on updating your copy).

April 2015. Here’s a peek at what I’m currently writing/illustrating for 2015-2018. I’ll post updates, excerpts, and artwork as I get closer to release dates.


Fairytale for adults. Release date: March 2017.

Books 2 & 3 of the Conductor Mystery Series. Book 2 will be released March 2018.

Short Stories

I plan to release at least one short story in 2016. I have no plans at the moment to add content to the Demon Chronicle shorts. I originally wrote twenty short stories for DC (intended to be published together) but have since decided not to release them.

Children’s Fiction

I have one children’s book nearly complete but had to postpone publication after an arm injury left me unable to paint the final images. The injury was severe and requires a year to heal. Once healing is complete, I will resume illustrating.





Dark Fiction and Fantasy