Bronze City


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Former NYPD detective, Clay Reynolds is haunted by the disappearance of seven-year-old Alice Harper. He discovers the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest in the South when his search for her kidnapper leads him to South Carolina. Clay’s only witnesses are the victims of a century-old cold case Clay must solve before the deadly legacy of Hamilton Plantation strikes again.

Night in the South is a song unlike any I’ve ever heard, infecting its listeners with passion, drawing you into a world both seen and unseen. I’ve discovered, and heard it said, that the veil between the living and dead is thinnest in the South. There exists here a mysteriousness I cannot place, a magnetism which pulls you back long after you’ve departed, and as I listened to the South’s night song, I knew I would return someday.

Frogs chirped, birds sang, and somewhere in the marsh, gators growled and hissed, all of them members of the night’s orchestra conducted by the moon, which lit the water before us like a lighthouse on the shore.

I should have been happy, relieved even, but all I saw was the Carolina lily’s roots spreading across the quilt like so much spilled blood.

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