K. S. Bowers



K. S. Bowers was born February 21, in Atlanta, Georgia to Richard Burke and Tina Mintz. She was adopted at the age of three. She is of Irish, British, Jewish, and Cherokee descent.  She was the first female firefighter for the city of Lake Park in Georgia. She is married with four daughters and currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina with her family.

K. S. Bowers has been writing professionally for five years with experience in fiction writing, speech writing, and script writing. She has published two short stories, four flash fiction pieces, and one novel. She is a versatile writer with experience writing in many different formats and tones for various organizations and causes.

K. S. Bowers is a secular humanist and human rights/political activist.

K. S. Bowers writes dark fiction and fantasy in addition to writing and illustrating children’s fiction. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, painting, drawing, and reading.

Published works include:

  • “The Sacrifice” June 2012
  • “Apple Moonshine” October 2012
  • Bronze City, March 2015