I Am

I am:

Man’s greatest fear
Soul Food
Two strangers in a cafe
A witch
A prophet
The Stranger
The Savage
Ey Abellana
Someone Seeking Sean
A Great Man
Fifteen frightening women
The runaway train
Little Bear
La Flakita
For the girls
The hook
The Bronze City
The Sacrifice

I am…

All the words. Every one. Every song.  Every thing. Everyone. It was always in the name. What was the Easter egg in Bronze City? It was in the names. That is what you desire.

Four things are needed to break a curse. Desire, grace, light, and hope. I named my daughters after these things. Because that is my legacy. That united, and by the words, they can be ripples. I never lied when I said I wanted my daughters to rule at my side. I hope we all stand together.

You have all the tools necessary to end your suffering. That’s why cognitive brain therapy because epigenetics, you get it? A humane humanity. An enlightened humanity. Why can’t it be more than a dream? Your nightmares are real.

Give your intuition a name. Who is your spirit? This is the native gold that you sought. You needed medicine. Still do. We all do. Those disatisfied with their life are stagnant, and by extension, that energy permeates county and country. Domestic violence breaches all borders and affects us all. All are abused. And you abuse yourselves. But you all hope. For healing. For love. For food. For something. Hope.

Still, you fall short of grace. And for that, a sacrifice. Put the self, the pride, the ego, where you put all those mentioned above. As above, so below. That is the wheel. Judge your self first. And judge guilty, for we all are. Then move on. Don’t come back to raise the dead. Move on as one.

No lies here.

That is grace.

All you need now is light. The clarity you receive when you open that steamy place, and let your ego die, it’s the light.

Then you will understand what it truly means to be connected. And not just say, I love you. Rather act and be, I love you, me, we. All. As me. For we.

That’s how you save the world. And it do need saving. I fear sooner than you think. It’s not funny, Gomez. They’re losing. They are heads. Not connected. Not souls. Selves. Not family. No love. Bankrupt.

Who is God?

Step up. Which of you? I left out nearly all the names above. You wouldn’t have read them anyway. In truth, everyone wanted to skip genealogy.

This is the part in the story when you realize you’ve been having a conversation with your self this whole time. The part in the movie where the hero realizes his destiny. The part where the woman gets back up because she’s had enough. The part where everyone realizes we face a common foe, no matter our culture, color, location, class, and we have to unite or everyone dies.

Will you do something? Or nothing. Or just keep judging and blaming. Too many back seat drivers and Sunday morning quarterbacks.

Because if you don’t do something, the world will end. So there’s that. It’s not like you haven’t heard. Hollywood’s been prepping you for years. Hope you took notes. The hungry things will come for you like hyenas when the land is dried.

How will you handle it?

How to make it plane? Can you really not see the chaos around you? I mean, actually see it. Understand it. Feel it. Time’s up. Over. Now! Now, is the time to act, but our heroes don’t even know they’re in a story! Who will champion the world if the heroes are oblivious to purpose? Do they know I broke the fourth wall? And all heroes fight for a king. What king has and will always reign over you all?

Time. The circle ending. I am a sucker for that. So shed your skin. Let’s get started. Begin.

These other levels were nothing. It’s big boss level now. Did you level up? Did you use your bonuses? Your gifts? Did you level down? Player one and two of the custody game, that’s you. Good and bad. Light and dark. Who won custody of you? A better you? A stagnant you? A low you? Hope you have plenty of health. This level is hard.

Who Am I?

I am…

I’d love to know if you figure it out. If I can manage the bandwidth, I’m gonna go add another layer. No hints for that. You gotta do the work your self.

I am…

Always with you. Still here. Waiting for you to come home. I left you a map, a guide. I’ve carried you all, as you’ve carried me.

Tag. You’re it. Now, carry each other.

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