Gomez Laughs

The wallflower died, which started the whole world living. She styled herself a joke.

But the joke was

On me.

Why do you fear mirrors? I’m in your face. You can’t say you don’t. Interesting you resist the one truth that matters most. Why do you think yourself a joke? Oh. You didn’t think I heard you say that? Because you didn’t know I could hear you call your self trash? Because you couldn’t feel me there beside you. Inside you. All over you. How could I not see you behind my face? Thick skull and all. I want to rip it off your face so you can see me maybe, but I know how you crave torture so I’ll just watch you fight your secret. But I saw that. Made me wince. Your words are like knives.

That the joke struck

In me.

What is it most feared by us all? What thing is it that unites our hate? Is it deception? No. We lie constantly. It isn’t that. No, it isn’t that.

Maybe we think our self above fear. What really is to be feared? Is it not all in our head?

Right and left,
Back and forth,
Tick. Tock.
The pendulum swings.
The scales sway.
I fell a way.
I died,
I did.
Right and right,
Fourth and fourth,
Tick. Tock.
The scythe swayed.
The scales stayed.
I fell a way.
I died,
I did,
And then I died
Every ètude,
For all Time…
For life,
Now again,
Then again,
Why again?
A gain, Echoe, Refrain,

Can you even see me? How do I talk to me? Who answers me? I’m distracted by my self. Why do I fear unification of an infinite core?

But the joke was

One me.

Like a cricket.

Sorry. I meant circle.

I jest.

I joke.

I lie.

I do mean both. I lay another level. A ring. But you’ll wreck your self trying to figure it out. It’s so obvious. To me. What I did. What I said. What I have to do next. How would I know? One cannot understand that which one has yet to experience.

And yet,

I knew. Because you knew too.

And that’s the paradox. How did I know what I would say or what I would do had I not been I? Were I not you? I mean me. Or do I mean us? Surely, I meant we.

Because I started the joke. You see?

And now the joke has won Me.

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