In Love With Love

Ryan had asked a seemingly simple question.

What’s your favorite word?

I had no answer. How could one choose a single thing to love more than all other things? I had no favorites. No favorite song. No favorite color. Not even a favorite food.

What single word could be more important than any other word, and how, how could a lover of words choose but one?

What would that one worthy word be?

My answer was immediate and solid. I was certain.

How could I ever choose one? I would first need to know every language so I could then try to narrow down all the words ever spoken to a single, victorious word.”

After a few years, I’ve reconsidered my response.

I don’t need to know all the languages ever uttered to know that one word, in every tongue, reigns supreme, moves mountains, delivers justice, brings mercy, restores, rebuilds, saves, overcomes all, and unites.

Maybe it’s cliche, but I haven’t met a soul yet who didn’t love love.

Sad then that so few should know it.

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