Republican Rape Robots: Just Relax And Enjoy It

Over the years, we’ve heard some wack-ass shit coming from Republicans. With every new showcase of puerile stupidity from the cracked out conservative base, we are made painfully aware of the acute lack and diminishing quality of education in this country.

Republican crazy is sweeping the nation and infecting citizens like some new Black Plague. When infected with Republican crazy, one loses the ability to shut the fuck up, feels morally superior to others, believes they’re fucking scientists, and pushes their psychotic, perverted ideology on the whole damn country.

It’s past time we educate these cranks especially on matters pertaining to women’s issues. Like rape. The following graphic illustrates Republican views of rape.

republican rape

It’s time anyone who doesn’t understand rape experience rape. Anyone seeking to do away with rape kits or abortions or anyone who thinks rape victims should share custody of their child with their rapist, these fucks should experience rape. Anyone who has ever believed in legitimate rape should experience legitimate rape. Anyone who has ever compared rape to the fucking weather should be fucking raped like a coastal town facing a category four hurricane with 150 mph winds at landfall. Anyone who thinks rape is God’s plan or anyone who thinks that rape victims should make the best of a bad situation should be raped repeatedly. All the twisted fucking shits who concur with the GOP views on rape should experience actual rape.

Let’s make a Republican Rape Robot to, you know, show politicians how their body can shut it down. Let’s see if they just go with it and relax. When they scream and beg for help, let’s ignore them and debate what they were wearing or how much they had to drink. We can all then muse at how God intended for them to be raped so they could understand fucking empathy. And for the ugly politicians, we’ll congratulate them on their rape and tell them they’re lucky and should be grateful.

These sick fucks lack empathy and understanding. The Republican Rape Robot is the answer for these psychotic, empathy lacking, misogynistic dickholes.


  1. There are things I understand intellectually, even professionally, yet from a personal emotional sense find incomprehensible. Rape is one of those things. From my admittedly male perspective I don’t get how any male can become aroused/erect contemplating, or carrying out raping another person. The mixture of violence and savagery necessary to carry out a rape would seem to preclude the physical capability to perform, yet we know that far too many do perform. It is this reality that takes rape out of the category of physical gratification and lands it squarely in the category of criminal sadism. That one can derive emotional pleasure from forcing another, against their will and in a state of terror, to satisfy their personal needs is sheer brutality, without a scintilla of what we call humanity.

    However, as you point out, many Republicans view rape almost kindly and indeed underlying that view must be some sympathy for the rapist.
    Beyond that sympathy for a violent criminal though, there has to be a misogynistic sense of kindred feelings. We both agree that much of what we see in the Republican Party and the entire Conservative movement today is a desire to dis-empower women. Misogyny is the correct term for it because the only reasonable explanation for their so-called “family values”, is that these men (and the women who enable them) have a fear and loathing for more than 50% of humanity. God Damn the rapists, but equally God Damn those that make light of their heinous crimes.

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    1. “…and the women who enable them.” THIS. Internalized misogyny is a big issue. These politicians view it kindly until it comes to the LGBTQ+ community and then they fear that men will treat them the way they treat women. Sick.


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