What Every Theist Should Know About Antitheists

On my antitheism, and why it seems I focus antitheistic advocacy on Christianity alone. I know many of you are Christians, not fundamentalists and hope this explains things a bit better than the many memes you may find insulting or may feel are a personal attack.

I see a large number of Christian victims in the U.S. who are oblivious to the link between their abuse and their religious beliefs. I believe that many victims of abuse cling hardest to their religious beliefs in the aftermath of exposing and/or leaving that abuse. These victims are shamed and frightened and many victims of IPV feel guilty about leaving marriages. When many of these victims come forward be it for rape, sexual abuse, or domestic violence their own actions and behaviors are put under the microscope in an effort to dismiss allegations of abuse that could have a negative impact on the church or bring bad publicity to the church thus impacting membership and contribution. This is something that needs immediate address. I focus on Christianity because it is still the number one religion in the world. Islam is a close second, but perhaps I should edit future posts to read Abrahamic religions or patriarchal religions.

I have no problem whatsoever with spirituality. I have a huge problem with religion. If you want to worship frogs or unicorns or a celebrity, fine. But I will demand proof for your beliefs as I demand proof of scientific theory and discoveries. Why should religion be exempt from the burden of proof or rational debate? If adherents of patriarchal religions seek to dismiss scientific discoveries and theories for the sake of subjugating their followers while urging their flock to vote for politicians pandering the religious vote and while also putting religious leaders in government, then their belief system should be open to the same scrutiny as any other. These religious empires don’t pay taxes yet wield an undeniable presence in the political process and are notorious for covering up abuse.

The religious right and fundamental extremists would turn back time if they could and have us living in the dark ages once again. Climate change is supported by all scientists, and yet conservatives cry foul and say it’s a conspiracy. We have people who refute evolution despite scientific evidence and despite many progressives in their own numbers who want to see religion align with science where possible. My point is this, religious extremists, fundamentalists, and even those practitioners who seek no malice cling to outdated beliefs and traditions. They have no problem dismissing progress and scientific discovery and this stonewalling inhibits our advancement as a species. Imagine the progress science and technology could have made had religion not sidelined advancements in these areas with their fear mongering and regressive beliefs and ideas. How much further might mankind have advanced had we not stopped to soak the earth in a bloody blanket of religious superiority, of my god is better than your god?

Religion is a shelter for abusive people because many of its principles and traditions are abusive. I don’t think adherents commit such atrocious acts of abuse because they’re trying so hard to be pure. I think they do so because religion and her gatekeepers have essentially handed them a playground full of victims and when abusers are caught their religious leaders look the other way. Religious leaders must dismiss abuse, to victim blame, to victim shame, or their followers would leave thus leaving them without a profit. Religion hates rationality and hates knowledge. It relies on the ignorance of its practitioners in order to maintain power and control. Why else would the GOP be so actively defunding education?

I have focused on one Abrahamic religion but all religious doctrines should be called out. Islam is getting a thorough lashing (so to speak) in the media and Christians are at the forefront of this lashing, failing to see the irony in their chants of no Sharia law here while they pass regressive religious legislation stripping others of their constitutional rights. And while modern Christian extremists have yet to behead journalists like their Islamic counterparts, their history is not without its own beheadings, burnings, genocides, etc. The texts of various religious creeds are worlds away from anything resembling rationality and give rise to hatred, bigotry, oppression, violence, and murder.

Religion dismisses science, education, and abuse and for those reasons it must be subject to rational thought, debate, and dissection and it must be made to bear the burden of proof when it demands the blood of innocents and the souls of children. Religion must be held accountable for the damage it causes. Religion must be made to stand up to rational debate and critical scrutiny in the same way we demand evidence of even the most insignificant news articles, memes, and posts we cross in our news feeds. Many religious adherents have no trouble questioning other religious doctrines, but draw a line at viewing their own faith with the same skepticism. We demand that of science. We demand it of the medical community, and in a world in which religion wields such power and control, whose grasp extends to government and law, we absolutely must not give it a pass. For the above reasons, I do dismiss religion and will continue to do so as aggressively as religion seeks to dismiss progress and rationality.


  1. K.S.,
    Be careful. You seem to be what you hate.
    Talk about bigotry?
    You are falsly and unjustly equating Christian beliefs with Islam.
    This shows a total denial or purposeful ignorance of the differences between Christianity and Islam.


    1. Both Christianity and Islam are Abrahamic religions that seek to subjugate women and both share a history of human rights violations that have spanned centuries. I never equated the two as being the same in belief or practice but said they both have antiquated belief systems and traditions given the scientific facts now at our disposal, which have rendered many of these beliefs and practices useless. You’re attempting to deflect any meaningful discourse on this post’s actual subject by tossing out empty accusations.

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        1. I addressed your assertion that Jesus was pro women’s issues on another post, and you replied back to this one, with the above statement, completely ignoring the religious teachings of your faith that I quoted. And I repeat: If we’re going to have this discussion it must be factual. Jesus Christ – if he existed; there is no historical proof and I find it odd that such an important man didn’t even warrant a footnote in the works compiled by first-century philosophers and historians – didn’t give two fish about women’s rights. In Matthew 5: 17-18, Jesus is credited with saying, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke or a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Jesus was instructing those present to follow the old law to the letter. According to the Old Law, women were nothing more than chattel. Unborn lives are not subjugated. The fetus is not a human child, but your interpretation of this matter is one that is based on your religious beliefs, and as such, should be not be enforced on those with beliefs differing from your own.


          1. K.S.,

            Check it out.
            What Jesus was saying by ,”I came to fulfill the law” is that His death on the cross would satisfy the debt for perfection and Holiness God requires just because He is Holy. If heaven is a perfect place nothing imperfect could be there.
            Christ paid for our sin and His perfection is a gift of love He gives us if we believe.
            We could never fulfill “Be Holy for I am Holy, says the Lord”. So He did it for us. God incarnate.


        2. Why are you misrepresenting? You know that is not true, I can provide verse’s for days. However, the point is moot because perception is what really matters and Christian men perceive that women at supposed to be obedient and second class, which has led to violence against women. That’s why ex-president Jimmy Carter and thousands of other reasonable people have left the church.

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              1. K.S.,

                LIFE IN SPACE: Scientists develop embryo among stars in planet colonisation breakthrough. http://tiny.iavian.net/9wm0

                In todays news.
                The Chinese have just proving that they can incubate life in space.
                They don’t have a problem calling early stage development of living beings “LIFE”.
                No person can become a person without the early stages of development.
                Its LIFE no matter what you call it.


  2. Christ Centered Teaching, has it ever even crossed your mind that maybe you are willfully ignorant of the similarities. Do you realize that Islamic countries used to be very similar to the U.S. a thousand years ago, then religion took over politics and we all see the results. Christianity used to be more cruel than modern day Islam and whether you want to admit it or not, it’s starting to move back in that direction. Instead of complaining when people point out the problems with religion, a smart person would take a step back and do some self reflection, then try to correct those problems. Things have become so bad that even the pope is publicly admitting to the issues, but some many other religious people rather remain in denial and argue about it. What you fail to realize is if religion would stop acting superior and trying to control everyone else, then no one would have a problem with it.

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    1. James,
      Do a little study for the sake of a truly informed conversation.
      You too.
      Look up this phrase in the Quran and Hadiths. “those who your right hand possess”.
      Once you discover what Islam condones by this, look up what Mohammed said about women being 2/3rds of a man, and his vision that hell is 2/3rds women.
      Nothing like Christian beliefs. Horrific.


  3. “Be careful. You seem to be what you hate.
    Talk about bigotry?
    You are falsly and unjustly equating Christian beliefs with Islam.
    This shows a total denial or purposeful ignorance of the differences between Christianity and Islam.”


    Nothing that Kimberly has written about is false, in fact if anything she has bent over backwards not to offend, while expressing he honest opinions on religion. If you are stating that Christian Canon and Islamic Canon are different than you might be correct, but that is a meaningless distinction when discussing what Kimberly wrote. She was quit cogently discussing how organized religions of Abrahamic origins act when in power. History shows that whether the religion is Christianity, Islam or Judaism, when in positions of power organized religion represses those not of faith. This is not bigotry, it is fact and I wonder if you even are aware of the history of the religion that you profess. Sadly, fundamental Christianity in the United States has claimed to being scapegoated, even though its’ adulterants are far in the majority. Factually, as seen in the denial of women’s rights movement you all call “right to life”, your adherents feel impunity to break the law and attack those who are proceeding legally. The facts are not in your corner and are easily shown to be so. Perhaps if you really so deeply believe in your cause you might seek to learn more about the issue.

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    1. Mike, I love hearing from you and you need never apologize for typos. I’m notoriously horrible in my applications of grammar and my typing is far from perfect. I enjoy reading your work and wanted to let you know that I have only been absent from your site due to my father’s passing. I spent last week in Charleston and am slowly getting back to something of a schedule. Your work is so rich and I read regularly even if I don’t comment. I always learn something from you. Thank you, as always.


  4. Hi Kimberly—Love this post! Your writing and your response to ‘the comments section’ are absolutely— correct! Just a quick share: And! You may already know of her work with the Foundation…Robyn Blumner is executive director of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science in Washington, D.C…Please read this column by Robyn when you have time called—“I’m an atheist – so what?,” St. Petersburg Times, Aug. 8, 2004…Love her writing and Robyn is ‘definitely—a ‘non-theist’…Wishing you days of Gentle winds—Soft curves and Wonder…Phil

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