Seeking Sean


In late 2014, Chrissy Ellison, pictured, met a man named Sean. Sean had been visiting his daughter, then fourteen, north of Brisbane, perhaps in Gladstone. He and his friends stayed the night at Morayfield Tavern. Chrissy met Sean and the two spent an evening together. Sean gave Chrissy his surname but she was unable to recall it and didn’t think it mattered at the time. Until nine months later.

Sean, if you’re out there, Chrissy would like you to know that you have a ten-year-old son, a son who wants to meet his father. Sean would be in his mid-forties now. He’s of Irish descent. Slim build. In 2004, he lived in Brisbane and had a daughter of aboriginal descent. His daughter would be in her mid-twenties now, and in 2004, lived in or around Gladstone.

Please share and reblog for Chrissy and her son.


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