Update: Judge Lisa Gorcyca Disqualified

According to reports, Judge Lisa Gorcyca has removed herself from the Tsimhoni case after the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission filed a formal complaint in response to Gorcyca’s conduct during the Tsimhoni v. Tshimhoni custody case. The Supreme Court was asked to appoint a Special Master to oversee and investigate the complaint. The Complaint filed against Judge Gorcyca cited sixteen violations of the Canons of Judicial Ethics. Some of the complaints are as follows:

  • Misconduct in office
  • Conduct clearly prejudicial to the administration of justice
  • Failure to establish, maintain, enforce, and personally observe high standards of conduct so that the integrity and independence of the judiciary may be preserved
  • Responsible or improper conduct which erodes public confidence in the judiciary
  • Conduct involving impropriety and the appearance of impropriety
  • Failure to respect and observe the law and to conduct herself at all times in a manner which would promote the public’s confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary
  • Failure to be faithful to the law and maintain professional competence in it

Lawyers representing Dr. Maya Tsimhoni filed an Order To Disqualify Judge with the Michigan Court of Appeals in September of 2015. Gorcyca refused to recuse herself, citing that neither she nor the court were biased for or against either party.

In the course of the Tsimhoni custody case, Judge Lisa Gorcyca has:

  • Laughed at the Tsimhoni children
  • Raised her voice at the Tshimhoni children
  • Made circular movements around her temple with her finger implying that one of the children was crazy.
  • Compared the three Tsimhoni children and their mother to a Charles Manson cult.
  • Ordered the children (ages 14, 10, and 9) to speak to their father and sent them all to a detention center after they refused. The two eldest children were handcuffed and led away. After public outcry and national news attention, Judge Gorcyca had the children sent to summer camp at a cost of $30,000 to the parents.
  • Placed the children in a reunification program with father Omer Tshimhoni. The Tsimhoni children have been denied contact with their mother – a respected member of society with no criminal record and for whom no allegations of child abuse or neglect have been made- for over 170 days.
  • Issued a gag order in the case.

The Tsimhoni case began in 2009 and has garnered international media coverage.  The activist group, Justice For Tsimhoni Children, has closely followed the Tsimhoni custody case. The group has led to many articles, posts, and essays on the Tshimhoni case going viral, including a post I wrote in September. In addition to pushing media coverage of the case, the group has compiled court documents, advocated for procedures and motions to be filed, offered a show of support for Maya and her children, installed court watchers to document court bias, and offered moral support to protective parents worldwide who have lost custody of their children due to family court bias. My Open Letter To Judge Gorcyca was written to rally activists who had grown weary and discouraged during the Tsimhoni case in addition to offering support to protective parents worldwide. The Justice For Tsimhoni activists have fought tirelessly and courageously to see justice for Maya Tsimhoni and her children and many have experienced family court bias themselves.

The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission may have filed their complaint based on the very loud public response to Judge Gorcyca’s controversial behavior during the Tsimhoni case. We the people still have power and the Tsimhoni case is proof that when we raise our voices and unite, we can effect change.

Hopefully, the Tsimhoni case will now be heard by an unbiased judge that will reunite the Tsimhoni children with their mother and bring the Tsimhoni’s family court nightmare to an end.






Case files may be accessed here, courtesy of the Justice For Tsimhoni Children news and media site.


  1. Why do you assume that the children belong with their mother? Do you have evidence that their father is the abuser? Just because the judge is abusive doesn’t mean that the mother isn’t an alienator.


    1. Why do you assume that the children belong with their father? Do you have evidence that their mother is the abuser? Just because the judge is abusive doesn’t mean that the father isn’t alienating the children from their mother.

      The only parent I see who has been alienated from their children in this instance is Maya. Further, good fathers don’t take children away from their mothers.


      1. Allegations of abuse have been made against Omer, one of those occurring after a March 2015 visitation where Omer allegedly threatened to kill his children. One Tsimhoni child said he’d witnessed his mother’s abuse at the hands of his father. Also, there were medical reports of child abuse that Judge Gorcyca refused to allow into evidence. No allegations of IPV or child abuse have been made against Maya. Maya’s children have not been allowed to see their mother for over 170 days. Maya is the one who has been denied contact with her children.

        In light of allegations of abuse does a parent not have the right to seek investigation of that abuse? Keep in mind that allegations of abuse rarely turn out to be false. What rights do the children have when it comes to being defended from abuse? Children look to the loving and protective parent for safety. Whose responsibility is it to keep children from harm? The court or the parents? In cases of IPV where a woman doesn’t leave abuse, she can lose custody of her children and be charged with neglect, but then during divorce lawyers can slap a PAS label on the case and the protective parent is then labeled unfit and abusive.

        In cases where there is no evidence of abuse, why would a loving father seek to deny his children the right to be with their mother? To see her? To speak to her? Why, if Omer is a loving father, does he want to remove the children’s mother from their lives?


        1. There are many cases in Oakland County and Wayne County that beg to be reviewed by a REAL Judge. Mostly women and one man that I know of are being sucked into the vortex of corrupt family court. Lillian Song. is also going through the same system and the same Judge 12-803495-DM, her son Joshua is being forced to live with a DSM 5 multi and psychopath who likes sex with little boys and the GAL Keri Wigod Middleditch is doing that case as a GAL covering up the abuse and the trafficking of the child. Keri actually set up the abusive situation to rake in more money for her law firm. The Michigan folks should start public hangings, this would be a good start for the lawyers in that state.

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          1. I’m familiar with Julian Song’s case, and it’s absolutely horrifying.Thousands of cases in cities worldwide are begging for a review. A precedent in the Tsimhoni case would go a long way in helping protective parents.

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    2. Thanks Brad for the summary of nothing and the lack of commenting on anything of substance. The Lives of the children are being systematically destroyed by a psychopathic Judge and the the Fathers attorney ALEXANDER, EISENBERG, MIDDLEDITCH & SPILMAN, PLLC
      By: KERI MIDDLEDITCH (P63088). Who’s husband is a Asst States attorney with the DOJ who is covering up all this illegal actions from being sent to the FBI. “COLLUSION” IS THE WORD YOU SHOULD BE USING !!! This MI COURT goat rodeo has nothing to do with the mother or the best interest of the children. Its has to do with Judges and Lawyers wanting to play god with lives of family and children because they can and they feel obligated to mess with people because they are untouchable. Andrew Tare Wigod ( husband to Keri Middleditch) – P58479 United States Attorney’s Office 211 W Fort St Ste 2001, Detroit, MI 48226-3220 County: Wayne – Date of Admission: 09/30/1998 Licensed In: MI

      The entire Family Court in Oakland County is purposefully destroying children to enable court vendors – I.E = Lawyers to have cases run on and on. This judge and the husbands attorney got caught phucking up the goat rodeo and abusing children. This IS CHILD ABUSE AND THE TRAFFICKING OF CHILDREN. WHERE IS THE FBI … OH WAIT …They have been told to not get involved due to the husband of the fathers attorney is in the DOJ/FBI ???

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      1. Brad’s commented on other posts around here. Commenting without really commenting is his thing. He regurgitates MRA crap that’s already been posted and thus far, I’ve humored him, but in the future, I will begin responding to these types of comments with a link to my MRA post. Fathers who have lost custody tend to buy into the myth that mothers always get custody. I’m not sure if Brad is such a father (I try not to rush judgment). I try to use gender inclusive language in my posts. Protective parents are being abused by the courts and many male victims don’t understand feminism or court abuse and how activists are fighting for the rights of parents and children, not just women, but they also don’t understand that women statistically make up a higher percentage of victims as opposed to men.

        Thank you for the additional info. I forgot about Middleditch’s husband. It’s easy to forget with so many details. This abuse of power can be found in family courts everywhere. I think Gorcyca and Middleditch believe they’re above the law and have been getting away with this behavior for so long that they’re drunk on the power and it will be their undoing. Hopefully. There needs to be a complete overhaul of family courts. The entire system is for profit. Family court is a cash cow for lawyers, judges, and therapists. It’s disgusting.

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        1. FOR THE RECORD BEFORE THOSE WILLING TO ATTACH ME BECAUSE I AM A MAN…I have lost custody and I have returned 7 children to mothers with my work. I have no custody due to CT courts AND CORRUPT JUDGES .. 🙂


    3. Sorry but the judge WAS CERTAINLY abusive. Whether you support the mother OR father, or think the kids were brainwashed.. In either case that makes the children THE VICTIMS!
      This judge is nothing but a monster. She sent victims to jail, for not wanting to talk to someone. There is NO defending this judge. There were a million better ways she could have handled it.


  2. CHICAGO, Dec. 30, 2015 – Judge Lisa Gorcyca, currently under investigation for her decisions in a controversial custody case in Oakland County, Michigan, is again under scrutiny for sending a woman fighting stage three breast cancer to jail in 2013. Gorcyca sentenced Debra Flowers to five days for a convoluted civil charge, just one of the series of decisions that has left Flowers homeless, penniless and with no access to her son.

    Flowers is a divorce litigant whose case is assigned to Gorcyca. On Oct. 17, 2013, just a few days after Flowers underwent radiation treatment, Gorcyca sentenced her to five days in jail after a dispute about an affidavit Flowers wanted to submit.

    This was one of five occasions on which Gorcyca sentenced Flowers to time in jail. Gorcyca also essentially confiscated Flowers’ home and refused to give her the equity in the property and has forbidden Flowers to see her son for almost a year.

    Gorcyca also jailed Flowers on May 22, 2013, for contempt, Jan. 15, 2015, for contempt, April 22, 2015, for contempt and July 20, 2015, for contempt, according to a matrix provided by her appeals attorney, Star Moffatt.

    Read more at http://www.commdiginews.com/life/family/judge-gorcyca-jailed-woman-with-stage-three-cancer-54815/#pWMfgW26sWTrz1oV.99

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    1. Wow. I hadn’t heard of this case. All of her cases need to be reviewed. If the powers that be will investigate all her cases, they’ll see a pattern and this could be a huge breakthrough for all parents fighting court abuse/bias.


    1. Right on Mike ! 🙂

      I HAVE YET TO SEE A REAL JUDGE, A REAL LAWYER IN 3.5 YRS OF WEEKLY COURT VISITS. You know what they call 500,000 lawyers at the bottom of the Mariana Trench ….A good Phucking Start … lets go after the DOJ and then the various states attorneys then family court, I’m sure the hang-mans gallows will be fully utilized by the time we get to the family court A$$holes..

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  3. This judge appears to be bribed. Mom is a doctor and in her custody kids were thriving: Honor Students, Happy, Healthy, Excelled in Music and Sports.
    Dad ABANDONED kids for 5 years – visiting sporadically, TWICE Substantiated CHILD ABUSE, Multiple Reports of Domestic Kids – Once in front of kids who called 911, ASKED that kids be threatened with Jail, Spent $THOUSANDS$ OPPOSING Mom’s petition to free kids from jail, demands Mom have no contact – 6 months now, in Dad’s care kids health and grades are deteriorating, Kids report ONGOING Abuse and Living in FEAR. Just goes to show you how far a bribed judge can go.

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    1. My mom worked with maya at university of Michigan Kellogg eye center. She is a doctor, a surgeon. She is really sweet, kind, nice person. The dad wants to take the kids to Egypt. I support her 100% I have met her in person. My child custody case is in the same court just different female judge. But they act the same. I hope my judge starts to realize they are being watched and they have to stop taking children away from mothers and giving dads full custody anytime the children say the dad is abusive. It’s insane and obserd. I hope it starts to change. Maya needs a change and so do I and my babies. I support you maya 100% the courts are completely corrupt but I think your case might actually make a change. It might force the courts to change and thank god for that because I am in a very similar situation as you with my children in Oakland county courts. My x husband got full custody and I was removed from my children’s lives for 2 years and now I’m fighting in court without a lawyer. I see them once a week. They should have never been taken away. I did nothing wrong. ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS THIS JUDGE SUPPORTS CHILD ABUSE

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      1. I’m so sorry that you’ve experienced this court abuse and bias. I would think, after the national attention Maya’s case has received, that any judge in Oakland would be on their best behavior. I hope Maya’s case will set a precedent. I’ll be keeping you and your children in my thoughts and hope that you’re all reunited soon.


    2. Having studied many of these cases, I think it’s normal for abusive parents to bribe court officials and therapists for a custody win. I fear for these kids and worry at what these years of court and separation from their mother have done to them. 😦


  4. My ex husband had this attorney as his counsel. Save for the fact that I backed down and quit fighting, and had sadly hired an attorney who answered more to opposing counsel over his own client, my life could easily have resembled this case. In reality, while it is better than this situation, my current situation is challenging and the intense hostility of my divorce makes coparenting impossible. My kids suffer and I have been dealing with PTSD as a result of my divorce experience. In my opinion, this attorney took advantage of many situations, attempting to force the entry of changed judgments, misrepresenting many realities and stirring up any acrimony she could. Additionally, she successfully portrayed me as the problem and crazy, even getting me sanctioned for basically standing up for myself. My attorney was far weaker than her and allowed her to dominate. And that was just the start…. Judges are led by attorneys; when the attorney is skilled at stirring up animosity that pads their bottom line, it sadly leaves the family dealing with shrapnel for many years to come. In my opinion, I think it’s time people looked at this attorney as the problem I feel she is and realize that family court, while imperfect, creates more suffering for families and kids when maverick attorneys take advantage of situations to their own advantage. Everyone suffers….. except the enriched attorney. Very sad and traumatic for everyone else, for sure. I have learned so much since my divorce I wish I knew then. 😦


    1. Deb, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. There is a lot of debate surrounding family court abuse and how best to end its destruction of American families. There are groups who want to defund certain gender-specific programs and while I understand that it’s a problem, I remain hesitant to jump on this bandwagon for exactly the reason you’ve pointed out. The attorneys and all those working in family courts are profiting from this, and if we had family court reform, that funding would be a null issue. The fact is, I know three men, at this moment, who are good, loving fathers and are unable to see their children, the mothers of whom, two of which, are abusive. At the end of the day, the system is failing children so I don’t like to look at this as a gender specific issue that requires the defunding of certain programs, funding which would then be relegated to another gender specific program with the same chance to be corrupted, but yes, the use of those funds should be carefully documented, the same with any government program. At the end of the day, family courts are a cash cow for attorneys, therapists, GALs, etc. You called them maverick attorneys. Spot on! They profit off abuse, delaying judgments with years of motions and hearings. Your comparison of this abuse to shrapnel was chilling and again, so very accurate. If we are to end this then I feel our focus should be on these maverick attorneys and the system, not one gender of parents. The system is the problem and a society still under the influence of patriarchy which feeds abuse. I’m hoping for a precedent in this case, but fear that will still be too little to end this nightmare.


    1. This is infuriating. Gorcyca is an abusive tyrant. I’m sorry for the delay in my response. At one time, I was fighting hard against family court corruption. I published the open letter to Gorcyca, and for my efforts, experienced threats to my family and personal safety from an extreme right wing group that was using victims of abuse, and their cases, for their own political benefit. I have since left activism (at the behest of family) and the country, and now focus on fiction writing. In my experience, the impunity given to judges, the corruption of family court, has prevented the needed overhaul of the judicial system, not just in family courts. The corruption in America extends to every agency and branch of government, and I became disillusioned with activism after seeing certain groups use my words to further abuse victims. It felt like no one cared, and those who truly did couldn’t get anywhere. I’ve gone to great lengths to dissociate from many in the family court corruption fight, as many were extreme conservatives who were angered by my support of the LGBTQ+ community and who despised my inclusiveness of protective fathers. I became a target for a PAC who sought to have certain politicians elected, and who used my work to target abuse victims to vote their party interest. These were women further victimizing other women, while also seeking to ostracize POC and members of the LGBTQ community. After being threatened and a kidnapping attempt, my family felt it best if I retired from activism for the sake of my safety and the safety of my children and family.

      I wish I could help. Prior to making this site a dot com, the open letter went viral a few times, along with The Custody Game. Family court corruption is no longer quiet. It’s evident that America has and always will be a corrupt nation who exploits minorities and children, and I’m afraid, that little can be done at this point to spare her people of the slavery and oppression in which they’re held by a powerful, greedy, and corrupt few.

      I’m currently living in Finland, but feel free to contact me if there’s any way I can be of service. I’d pen another open letter if I thought it would change anything. We had hoped for a case precedent in the Tsimhoni case. It’s like you say in your video, and this applies to every facet of American life, there’s no recourse. There’s no accountability.

      In liberty and justice for some. Best of luck to you. I enjoyed the video. It’s reassuring to know others are still fighting and doing so for the right reasons.


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