The Official Fuck an MRA Post

I hear you, men. You’re so maligned. You’ve been posting on my DV/IPV posts and you’re upset. Women are saying men this and men that, but NOT ALL MEN! Tear. Society is taking away your rights. Omg, how are you even managing in this world that’s just so cold to you? What do they want from you? Why aren’t women stroking your hot, manly egos? I understand how life is so cruel and hard for you and so I made this special post just for you guys! You not all guys, you. You men who are misrepresented, who are downtrodden, who can’t get equal pay, who have no reproductive rights, who live in constant fear of sexual assault, who are friend zoned, who have been so vastly maligned by false allegations of rape and violence, who just can’t seem to catch a break in this world where people who aren’t white, Christian, and heterosexual are stealing all your rights, advantage, privilege, and superiority. You poor, poor things. The struggle is real. It’s difficult facing strong, independent women who refuse to stroke your precious ego and the male allies who tell you what a dick you are for wanting to maintain your control over society. Men have needs too! So to all the MRAs, this post’s for you!


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