1. Ha! I had to watch it again to see what popped up. I got a video for a spell that can turn you into a mermaid. I’m logged in to gmail so I assume this is based on algorithms based on my watch history. My youngest daughter has been trying to turn herself into a mermaid for months. I love her dedication and persistence. She’s been brewing all sorts of odd concoctions. I can’t get her to eat certain veggies, but she’ll down a glass of raw egg, sprinkles, and chocolate in a heartbeat if it’ll get her a tail…oh, hey!

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      1. Ignoring the ‘eww’ factor of the raw egg and such, trying to turn into a mermaid has got to be one of the cutest things I’ve heard of a goober attempting to do. But um, I would think the mermaid transformation spell would call for seaweed, the shells of various crustaceans, and the scales of certain deep sea fish, but eh – who am I? lol.

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