Why Do You Look The Other Way?

Intimate partner violence is more prevalent among women than diabetes, breast cancer and cervical cancer, so where is the outrage for this epidemic?

Where is the education? Where is the enforcement of existing legislation? And why, when we tell women that they must leave their abusers, and why, when women can be found criminally negligent for remaining in abuse with their children (can you say victim blame any louder?), do family courts force them to maintain a loving relationship with the abusive parent through shared custody?

Why do you scroll past the domestic violence posts? Why look the other way when you know family courts are abusing women and children? Why do you ignore the case of that friend or family member who has experienced intimate partner violence and family court bias?

I’m not asking rhetorical questions. I really want to know why you are indifferent to crimes against women and children? Why do you look the other way? Your answers could make all the difference in how advocacy is approached.

Can you tell me why you don’t want to get involved?


  1. I can’t tell you why but I do feel your pain! I suffer similar discriminations… but I will no longer keep my mouth shut. I would like to hear why people do not want to get involved or intervene with domestic violence either. It is saddening… heartbreaking. Maybe because most people do not want to face the truth?

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    1. I think people are able to ignore it because it’s not in their face. I think people hear divorce and custody and automatically become Switzerland.

      Video footage and social media have helped to alert people to the racism, discrimination, and abuse suffered by African Americans in the U.S. I think it’s time to start pointing a camera at DV.

      Women should put hidden cameras in their homes and record the abuse. They need to treat their custody and divorce hearings like a documentary and record everything. Let these family court judges see the batter instead of the well-dressed, smug man sitting on the bench. Then let the judge tell these women that that man is a good father.

      Of course, all is for naught when family court officials, therapists, and lawyers are profiting from abuse.

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      1. Kimberly Bowers, I could not agree any more! That is what I am attempting to do with my journey through this crazy world of abuse and recovery. In my blog, I will attempt to expose and reveal my experiences with domestic violence and BDSM that no ordinary person may identify with. However, I know there are MANY women in the world who have been exploited in the BDSM community similarly as I have. I wonder why so many of these women are too silent? Is it the shame of the BDSM stigma? If that is so, I don’t blame them.


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