Of Molecules and Melodies

I had the opportunity to have my DNA tested some time back. The results were fun, and I totally recommend it if it’s something you’re considering. Be warned, you may learn something you were unprepared to discover like, for instance, your father is not your father. 😀 Right, I’m sorry. That’s not funny.

I discovered some interesting character traits about myself. I also learned a little bit about my ancestors. For instance, 2.7% of my DNA is from Neanderthals, something my husband likes to remind me of from time to time like when I walk into walls or miss my mouth while eating. It happens.

Some of my results were hit and miss and made me feel as though I were having my palm read.

  • I’m extremely sensitive to alcohol . . . this has come to my attention a few times.
  • I can taste bitter foods. This is genetic?!
  • I have 3-4 variants associated with blond hair, but my hair is actually an odd sort of mixture of black, brown, and red and the black strands have a completely different texture. It’s kind of weird.
  • Ear wax type. You don’t really care about this so let’s move on.
  • I’m of the GG genotype (also known as the kindness gene).
  • According to my genetic makeup, my eyes are probably blue. Affirmative, Ghostrider.
  • I probably have slightly curlier hair. I would say more than slightly. My hair is of the “needs its own dehumidifying shield” variety.
  • I’m lactose tolerant but allergic to casein. =/
  • Male pattern baldness . . . not applicable. Thank goodness, I paid good money for this test.
  • I can detect the scent of asparagus in urine. Also, I really needed this information. Also, this is genetic?!
  • It’s likely that I’m a sprinter. Likely, hell! I actually get this urge to run, a sensation in my legs so I feel I have no choice. And now I know why. I have 1 working copy of alpha-actinin-3 in fast-twitch muscle fiber. World class sprinters and some endurance athletes have this genotype. I enjoy running and have been known to run 10 miles a day. This gene is highly heritable (and probably would have come in handy for Neanderthals).
  • I’m of the Diego Antigen (blood group) system. This system is common among Mongolian and Indigenous peoples.
  • I have a slightly increased episodic memory.
  • I have typical freckling. Define typical. Not sure if I tanned this summer or my freckles are just closer together. >.>

The test goes into considerable detail in regard to health, traits, and inherited conditions as well as ancester overview (I have 11 distant cousins, 17 – 2nd and 3rd cousins, and 904 – 4th cousins). However, my favorite part was hearing my DNA. Composer Mark Ackerley makes this possible for 23andMe customers based on algorithms designed using genetic data and components of melody like pitch, rhythm, key, and timbre. You can listen to my DNA here.

All in all, a fun and enlightening experience.

My test was performed by 23andMe. Results listed are from 23andMe.


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