Who I Am

Someone recently proposed this scenario to me: what if your posts on your blog and public forums were the only way your children or others could judge you? What would your posts say about you?

Well, I have been guilty of posting sub-par writing on frivolous and even immature topics. I even used this blog to alert the public to dangerous substances that I felt could bring about the demise of humanity, such as glitter. (Glitter is a despicable product. All glitters should be removed from Earth and relocated to their planet of origin). I hope my discriminatory stance against these malicious bits do not make anyone think badly of me.

If I’m being honest, I haven’t been the greatest of humanitarians, as I wrote a list of people who should be used as bait in the event of a zombie apocalypse. The GOP has taught me that this list must be revised.

However, on occasion, I post on matters of social injustice and topics such as equality, religion, and peace. I hope that speaking out against racism and discrimination is an admirable quality. If we can all come together and give our love, support, and appreciation unanimously to felines worldwide, why is it so hard to accept our fellow human beings no matter their skin color, gender, or sexual orientation?

I choose to stand up for the LGBTQ community and their fight for equality because I believe it is absurd not to. Why should one group be denied constitutional rights because their sexual orientation clashes with some religions?

Remember when the color of an African American’s skin clashed with white people’s idea of being human? Sounds a lot like hatred and bigotry if you ask me. If we must be continuously subjected to biblical teachings to say why homosexuality should be scourged from humanity, then I will always point out the Christian concept of agape love. Christians are commanded to love unconditionally and with no strings attached. And in any case, we have this lovely thing called Separation of Church and State.

There are roughly four to six thousand established religions in this world all claiming to be the ONE TRUE FAITH. In the United States, we have freedom of religion, but we also have freedom from religion, something the conservative right often forgets. Yet this right to freedom from religious persecution is being wrongly interpreted by the religious right to mean, my religious beliefs give me the Constitutional right to censor the arts, force religious teachings in public education, write and enforce religious-based legislation, and decide who can and can’t be married.

I respect my fellow man’s right to worship their chosen deity as they choose and it would be great if you would respect my rights and stop trying to make laws based on your religion. Your religious laws and doctrine are outlined in your creed, not my Constitution.

I’m a human being. Nothing more. I’m not a color. I’m not a creed. I’m not a nation. I’m human, and if my posts are all my children (and others) use to judge me then they’ll know me as a person who wanted peace, love, unity and respect for all humankind.

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